Quality Control in Peru

Are you looking to import food products such as seafood, fresh fruits and other commodities from Peru? If so, you'll need to ensure that your product quality is achieved, maintained or improved throughout the production process.

Unfortunately, doing this when you live overseas can be difficult. This is where Global Inspection Managing (GIM) comes into play. However, before we dive into how we can help you with your quality control Peru, audits Peru and product inspections Peru, let’s look at the food industry in Peru.

Peru's food processing industry

Peru's food processing industry is a dynamic sector of the country's economy, and it has experienced steady growth over the past decade. This is driven primarily by the excellent performance of industrial fishing and the greater production of fish oil, fishmeal, and canned and frozen products such as scallop, shrimp and squid.

Peru's culinary culture also significantly influences the nation's food processing industry, with consumers from all over the world seeking high-quality native Peruvian ingredients like fresh fruits, peppers, and Andean cereals.

As a result, the marketability of non-perishable and packaged food products from Peru has increased. So, it's no surprise that many people work with local Peruvian manufacturers and production companies to get seafood, fresh fruits and commodities.

However, that’s exactly what Global Inspection Managing does.

Laboratory testing for food

The food industry deals with highly sensitive products, increasing the need for reliable quality control services. A single mishap can leave your customers disappointed, unsatisfied and even sick, forcing them to turn away from your brand.

At GIM, we understand that quality control is indispensable in the food industry. That's why we offer bespoke laboratory testing services for food products to ensure they're safe for consumption. Our food testing laboratories give you confidence in the ingredients used in your food items while giving your customers peace of mind.

We ensure that your food products don't contain any physical, chemical or biological contaminants or hazards, such as preservatives, pesticides and metals that might harm your consumer. Our primary goal is to determine the quality of food products by performing several food testing procedures, including:

• Sensory attributes
• Physical properties
• Chemical composition
• Packaging and labelling
• Toxicological and microbiological contaminants

With accredited food testing laboratories strategically located across Peru, we're able to offer you an unrivalled range of tests and services backed up with reassurance.

  • Sensory attributes
  • Physical properties
  • Chemical composition
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Toxicological and microbiological contaminants

Quality control Peru

GIM consists of a team of highly trained experts who perform quality control Peru, audits Peru and product inspections Peru on any food products to ensure they meticulously follow your processes, requirements and meet current regulations. We can also inspect commodities to make sure they meet your standards.

Regardless of your manufacturer's location in Peru, you can rely on our inspectors to regularly inspect your items throughout the production process and supply chain. As an international quality control company, we utilize global standards to determine defects such as contaminants and allergens that compromise the quality of your food items.

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